Glazed Vision Panel

At Ergo Lab Solution, we offer Double Glazed Panel and Single Glazed Panel both for Masanori Walls.

Double Glaze Panels:

  • Adjustable on each wall side
  • For Clean Rooms, Double Glazed Panels are adjustable with the wall of at least 15mm.
  • Different Color Available for its Borders to make it look even more eye-catchy as per Ergo Lab Shades Chart.
  • We offer Extra smooth, Stable, and Aesthetic Vision panels to our Customers.
  • Its layout consists of Aluminum on its inner face.
  • We make sure to consume silica gel to absorb trapped moisture from the vision panel.
  • 5mm thick, plain float glass has placed with the help of double-sided adhesive tape.
  • Customer Specific Requirements will be fulfilled.

Let’s know more about this Single Glaze Panels.

Single Glaze Panels:

  • It is widely used to clean room and flushed on the different sides of the wall.
  • Color choice is also available as per the ERGO Lab Shades Chart.
  • We also develop the outcome as per the requirements of customers.

We intend to use an aluminum material on both types of Vision Panels by not compromising its quality. Our company does provide a broad category of window glazing glasses such as Laser Glass, Tempered Glass, Acrylic, Film Covered Glass, etc.
Now let’s know the reason to choose us for!

Why choose us?

Choosing our service for Glazed Panels comes with a warranty period and a 24/7 customer support assistant. Due to the use of premium quality material, while developing the panels, the maintenance is excessively low.
We provide an extra smooth surface, which makes the cleaning work easy for our customers along with a prefabricated vision panel to achieve customer-specific requirements.