Walk On Ceiling

At Ergo Lab Solution, you will be provided with different categories of ceilings, such as Walk On and Non-Walk On. We build them in such a way that our customers can implement whatever changes they needs in the future. Furthermore, the Ceiling is strong enough to accommodate the premium accessories that we broadly use in a cleanroom.

We also ensure the layout of Ceiling so that one can easily integrate the cabling portion, Lights and other accessories.

For more efficiency, we keep the Ceiling unaccompanied or separate from Partitions to gain an advantage by the space-saving opportunity, as we hold the Ceiling separate, which helps the customer remain the Ceiling in such a way can be modified or changed in the future.Entire Ceiling, along with its specification (that includes thickness, overall surface needs, etc.), is custom made according to the customer's requirement, which can accommodate over 150+ kgs/m of the load. However, load capacity and other specifications can be improvised further as per the customer’s budget and other requirements.


  • Looks aesthetic after the implementation and won't require much maintenance.
  • Uses the fewest joints as possible.
  • Easily installable and removable product.
  • Lights and Air Conditioning can easily be integrated with such ceilings.
  • It is entirely closed, and air tightened thus, helps to keep the air temperature of the cleanroom constant.